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About Us

Who we are

We are an online hub, an extensive compilation of names, their meanings, origins, and their associations. Any and everything about naming from various perspectives: a parent, a friend, maybe a stranger, even an enemy, we have got it all. And we endeavor to be your companion and a trusted source. Furthermore, Italian Names, one of the products of Zookti, will do its utmost to guide you through your simple yet, stressful name-related decisions.

What matters to us

Let’s skip the business babble.

Shakespeare was right to ask what’s in a name because NAMES MATTER.

To name means to pay attention. To name means to love dearly.

Maybe you do not know the meaning of your name.

Perhaps you do not know what to name your little bundle of joy.

Or you might not know the origin of a particular surname.

Maybe you want to have a private name for your lover

Perhaps you want to name your child after your favorite hero

Or you simply want a witty name for your pet animal

Your trouble and your confusion concern us. What matters to us is for you to have your answer to all these “maybes and perhaps” in a single repository. And when you do, you are satisfied with it.

What we do.

We compile the most comprehensive collection of names with their meaning and origins.

We have the Italian Names from native languages of our Italian community to various other communities all around the world. And Names derived from our god and goddess from the “larger-than-life'' mythology like Bible, Quran, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Gita, Puran, and so on. Also listed here are your favorite celebrities, real or animated. And names with every letter that might possibly create a unique yet, lovable name to give someone.

In addition, we aspire to make it easy for you to find the specific name you require. Making it available to you through an extensive database, easily navigated pages, and well-written, daily updated blogs.

So, what we do, you ask?

We merely communicate with the simplest linguistic act: the naming of things.

How we do it.

Everyone is guessing.

You are naming your pet based on its color or maybe its nose. Who knows? You are naming your child something because that is the trend and you do not know where to look for anything new. You still do not know the exact meaning of your name, because each website you have visited gives you a different meaning. That's frustrating.

How we do it is by providing you a pivot to all these matters at one trusted source. Be it by flipping through pages and pages of Italian-English dictionary, going through piles of Italian Names Books, interviewing the experts themselves, verifying through old and new articles for authentic meanings, or by simply surveying the user themselves. We try to document the rarest words possible and in parallel, seek to preserve our language, vocabulary, and culture.

That is why we expect further suggestions and name contributions from our users, so if possible, send us your ideas, feedback, and recommendations to [email protected]