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150+ Italian American Names with Meanings That You'll Love

150+ Italian American Names with Meanings That You'll Love

Are you searching for a trendy Italian American name that’s perfect for your child? Look no further!

Scroll our curated list of Italian American names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options. Let’s find the ideal name that blends Italian heritage with modern style for your little one!

Italian American Names for Boys

Discover Italian American names for boys, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Adriano (ah-dree-AH-noh): From Hadria
  2. Alessandro (ah-leh-SAHN-droh): Defender of mankind
  3. Angelo (AHN-jeh-loh): Angelic, Messenger
  4. Anthony (AN-thuh-nee): Priceless one
  5. Antonio (ahn-TOH-nee-oh): Highly praiseworthy
  6. Bruno (BROO-noh): Brown-haired
  7. Carlo (KAHR-loh): Strong, Manly
  8. Carmine (KAHR-meen): Vineyard
  9. Cristiano (kree-STYAH-noh): Follower of Christ
  10. Dante (DAHN-teh): Enduring
  11. Diego (DYEH-goh): Supplanter
  12. Domenico (doh-MEH-nee-koh): Of the Lord
  13. Dominic (DOM-uh-nik): Belonging to the Lord
  14. Elio (EH-lyoh): Sun
  15. Emilio (eh-MEE-lyoh): Industrious, striving
  16. Enzo (EN-zoh): Short form of Lorenzo or Vincenzo, Ruler of the estate
  17. Fabio (FAH-byoh): Bean grower
  18. Fabrizio (fah-BREET-syoh): Craftsman
  19. Fausto (FOW-stoh): Lucky, Fortunate
  20. Francesco (fran-CHEHS-koh): Free man
  21. Franco (FRAHN-koh): Free man
  22. Frank (FRANK): Free man
  23. Gabriel (GAY-bree-ehl): God is my strength
  24. Giancarlo (JAHN-kahr-loh): God is gracious, Strong
  25. Gianluca (JAHN-loo-kah): God is gracious, Light
  26. Gianni (JAH-nee): God is gracious
  27. Giorgio (JOR-jyoh): Farmer
  28. Giovanni (joh-VAH-nee): God is gracious
  29. Giuliano (joo-LYAH-noh): Youthful, Downy-bearded
  30. Giuseppe (joo-SEP-peh): God will add
  31. Guido (GWEED-oh): Guide
  32. Joseph (JOH-zef): God will increase
  33. Leonardo (lay-oh-NAHR-doh): Brave lion
  34. Lorenzo (loh-REN-zoh): Laurel-crowned
  35. Luca (LOO-kah): Bringer of light
  36. Marcello (mar-CHEL-loh): Young warrior
  37. Marco (MAHR-koh): Warlike
  38. Mario (MAH-ryoh): Warlike
  39. Massimo (MAHS-see-moh): Greatest
  40. Matteo (mah-TEH-oh): Gift of God
  41. Michael (MY-kuhl): Who is like God
  42. Nicholas (NIK-uh-luhs): Victory of the people
  43. Nicolo (nee-KOH-loh): Victorious people
  44. Paolo (PAH-oh-loh): Small
  45. Pasquale (pahs-KWAH-leh): Easter child
  46. Pietro (PYEH-troh): Rock
  47. Rafael (rah-fah-EL): God has healed
  48. Raffaele (rahf-FAH-leh): God has healed
  49. Renzo (REN-zoh): Abbreviation of Lorenzo, Ruler of the estate
  50. Riccardo (ree-KAHR-doh): Brave ruler
  51. Roberto (roh-BEHR-toh): Bright fame
  52. Rocco (ROK-oh): Rock
  53. Salvatore (sal-vah-TOH-reh): Savior
  54. Santino (san-TEE-noh): Little saint
  55. Sergio (SER-jee-oh): Servant
  56. Silvio (SEEL-vee-oh): Wood
  57. Stefano (steh-FAH-noh): Crown
  58. Tommaso (tohm-MAH-zoh): Twin
  59. Valentino (vah-lehn-TEE-noh): Strong, Healthy
  60. Vincent (VIN-sent): Conqueror
  61. Vincenzo (vin-CHEN-zoh): Conqueror
  62. Vito (VEE-toh): Life

Italian American Names for Girls

Explore Italian American names for girls, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Adriana (ah-dree-AH-nah): From Hadria
  2. Alessandra (ah-leh-SAHN-drah): Defender of mankind
  3. Alessia (ah-LEH-see-ah): Defender
  4. Amelia (ah-MEE-lee-ah): Industrious
  5. Angela (AN-jeh-lah): Angelic
  6. Angelina (an-jeh-LEE-nah): Little angel
  7. Antonella (ahn-toh-NEHL-lah): Praiseworthy
  8. Antonia (ahn-TOH-nee-ah): Priceless
  9. Aria (AH-ree-ah): Melody
  10. Arianna (ah-ree-AH-nah): Holy
  11. Aurora (aw-ROH-rah): Dawn
  12. Ava (AY-vah): Life
  13. Beatrice (BEE-ah-tris): Voyager
  14. Bella (BEH-lah): Beautiful
  15. Bianca (bee-AHN-kah): White
  16. Camilla (kah-MEEL-lah): Attendant at a religious service
  17. Carla (KAHR-lah): Strong
  18. Carmela (kahr-MEH-lah): Orchid
  19. Caterina (kah-teh-REE-nah): Pure
  20. Clara (KLAH-rah): Bright
  21. Concetta (kohn-CHEHT-tah): Conception
  22. Daniela (dah-nee-EH-lah): God is my judge
  23. Elena (eh-LEH-nah): Shining light
  24. Eliana (eh-lee-AH-nah): God has answered
  25. Elisa (eh-LEE-zah): God is my oath
  26. Elisabetta (eh-lee-zah-BET-tah): God is my oath
  27. Emilia (eh-MEE-lee-ah): Industrious
  28. Emily (EH-mih-lee): Industrious
  29. Emma (EH-mah): Whole
  30. Fabiana (fah-BYAH-nah): Bean grower
  31. Fiora (FYOH-rah): Flower
  32. Francesca (frahn-CHEHS-kah): Free one
  33. Gabriella (gah-bree-EHL-lah): God is my strength
  34. Gemma (JEM-mah): Gem
  35. Giada (JAH-dah): Jade
  36. Gianna (JAH-nah): God is gracious
  37. Giovanna (jo-VAN-nah): God is gracious
  38. Giulia (JOO-lee-ah): Youthful
  39. Giuliana (joo-lee-AH-nah): Youthful
  40. Greta (GREH-tah): Pearl
  41. Isabella (ee-zah-BEHL-lah): Pledged to God
  42. Isabelle (EE-zah-bell): God is my oath
  43. Laura (LAO-rah): Laurel
  44. Liliana (lee-lee-AH-nah): Lily
  45. Lorenza (loh-REN-zah): Laurel
  46. Lucia (loo-CHEE-ah): Light
  47. Luisa (loo-EE-zah): Famous warrior
  48. Maria (mah-REE-ah): Bitter
  49. Marisa (mah-REE-sah): Of the sea
  50. Martina (mahr-TEE-nah): Warlike
  51. Mia (MEE-ah): Mine
  52. Miriam (MEE-ree-ahm): Rebellion
  53. Natalia (nah-TAH-lee-ah): Christmas Day
  54. Nina (NEE-nah): Little girl
  55. Olivia (oh-LEE-vee-ah): Olive tree
  56. Paola (PAH-oh-lah): Small
  57. Pia (PEE-ah): Pious
  58. Renata (reh-NAH-tah): Reborn
  59. Rosa (ROH-zah): Rose
  60. Rosalia (roh-ZAH-lee-ah): Rose
  61. Sara (SAH-rah): Princess
  62. Serena (seh-REH-nah): Serene
  63. Silvia (SEEL-vee-ah): Forest
  64. Simona (see-MOH-nah): Listener
  65. Sofia (SOH-fee-ah): Wisdom
  66. Sophia (so-FEE-ah): Wisdom
  67. Stella (STEL-lah): Star
  68. Valentina (vah-lehn-TEE-nah): Strong, healthy
  69. Valeria (vah-LEH-ree-ah): Strong, vigorous
  70. Vanessa (vah-NEH-sah): Butterfly
  71. Vittoria (veet-TOH-ree-ah): Victory

Gender Neutral Italian American Names

Find gender-neutral Italian American names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Alessi (ah-LEH-see): Defender
  2. Alex (AL-eks): Defender of mankind
  3. Alexis/Alessi (ah-LEH-see): Defender
  4. August (AW-guhst): Majestic
  5. Avery/Averardo (AY-vuh-ree): Ruler of the elves
  6. Cameron/Camerino (KAM-uh-ron): Bent nose
  7. Casey (KAY-see): Brave in battle
  8. Chiara (kee-AH-rah): Bright, Clear
  9. Chris (KRIS): Bearer of Christ
  10. Eleonora (eh-leh-oh-NOH-rah): Light, Torch
  11. Federico (feh-deh-REE-koh): Peaceful ruler
  12. Giacomo (jah-KOH-moh): Supplanter
  13. Michele (mee-KEH-leh): Who is like God
  14. Nicola (nee-KOH-lah): Victory of the people
  15. Renato (reh-NAH-toh): Reborn
  16. Sam (SAM): God has heard
  17. Val (VAHL): Strong, Healthy

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