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160+ Best Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names with Meanings

160+ Best Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names with Meanings

Having trouble finding the perfect Italian twin boy and girl names? No problem – we’ve got you covered!

Keep scrolling to discover the best Italian twin names that rhyme, start with the same letter, have the same meaning, share a theme, or are simply short and sweet. These names could be the perfect fit for your little twin baby boy and girl!

Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names that Rhyme

  1. Alessio and Alessia
    • Alessio (Boy): Defender of mankind
    • Alessia (Girl): Defender of mankind
  2. Benito and Benita
    • Benito (Boy): Blessed
    • Benita (Girl): Blessed
  3. Cristiano and Cristiana
    • Cristiano (Boy): Follower of Christ
    • Cristiana (Girl): Follower of Christ
  4. Daniele and Daniela
    • Daniele (Boy): God is my judge
    • Daniela (Girl): God is my judge
  5. Dante and Daniele
    • Dante (Boy): Enduring
    • Daniele (Girl): God is my judge
  6. Davide and Davina
    • Davide (Boy): Beloved
    • Davina (Girl): Beloved
  7. Edoardo and Edoarda
    • Edoardo (Boy): Wealthy guardian
    • Edoarda (Girl): Wealthy guardian
  8. Emilio and Emilia
    • Emilio (Boy): Industrious
    • Emilia: Industrious
  9. Enrico and Enrica
    • Enrico (Boy): Ruler of the home
    • Enrica (Girl): Ruler of the home
  10. Enzo and Enza
    • Enzo (Boy): Ruler of the home
    • Enza (Girl): Consecrated to God
  11. Fabio and Fabia
    • Fabio (Boy): Bean grower
    • Fabia (Girl): Bean grower
  12. Fabrizio and Fabrizia
    • Fabrizio (Boy): Craftsman
    • Fabrizia: Craftsman
  13. Federico and Federica
    • Federico (Boy): Peaceful ruler
    • Federica (Girl): Peaceful ruler
  14. Francesco and Francesca
    • Francesco (Boy): Free
    • Francesca (Girl): Free
  15. Gianni and Gianna
    • Gianni (Boy): God is gracious
    • Gianna (Girl): God is gracious
  16. Gino and Gina
    • Gino (Boy): Farmer
    • Gina (Girl): Farmer
  17. Giovanni and Giovanna
    • Giovanni (Boy): God is gracious
    • Giovanna (Girl): God is gracious
  18. Guglielmo and Guglielmina
    • Guglielmo (Boy): Will-helmet
    • Guglielmina (Girl): Will-helmet
  19. Leonardo and Leonora
    • Leonardo (Boy): Brave lion
    • Leonora (Girl): Light
  20. Lino and Lina
    • Lino (Boy): Flaxen-haired
    • Lina (Girl): Light
  21. Lorenzo and Lorenza
    • Lorenzo (Boy): Laurel
    • Lorenza (Girl): Laurel
  22. Luca and Luna
    • Luca (Boy): Bringer of light
    • Luna (Girl): Moon
  23. Marco and Marica
    • Marco (Boy): Warlike
    • Marica (Girl): Warlike
  24. Mario and Maria
    • Mario (Boy): Bitter or sea of sorrow
    • Maria (Girl): Bitter or sea of sorrow
  25. Nino and Nina
    • Nino (Boy): God is gracious
    • Nina (Girl): Little girl
  26. Paolo and Paola
    • Paolo (Boy): Small
    • Paola (Girl): Small
  27. Roberto and Roberta
    • Roberto (Boy): Bright fame
    • Roberta (Girl): Bright fame
  28. Salvatore and Salvatrice
    • Salvatore (Boy): Savior
    • Salvatrice (Girl): Savior
  29. Stefano and Stefania
    • Stefano (Boy): Crowned
    • Stefania (Girl): Crowned
  30. Teo and Tea
    • Teo (Boy): God
    • Tea (Girl): Gift of God
  31. Valentino and Valentina
    • Valentino (Boy): Strong
    • Valentina (Girl): Strong
  32. Zeno and Zena
    • Zeno (Boy): Born of Zeus
    • Zena (Girl): Hospitable

Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names with the Same Letter

  1. Alberto and Arianna
    • Alberto (Boy): Noble and bright
    • Arianna (Girl): Holy
  2. Bruno and Bianca
    • Bruno (Boy): Brown
    • Bianca (Girl): White
  3. Carlo and Carlotta
    • Carlo (Boy): Man
    • Carlotta (Girl): Free woman
  4. Dante and Daria
    • Dante (Boy): Steadfast
    • Daria (Girl): Possesses goodness
  5. Elio and Elisa
    • Elio (Boy): Sun
    • Elisa (Girl): God is my oath
  6. Fabio and Francesca
    • Fabio (Boy): Bean grower
    • Francesca (Girl): Free
  7. Giovanni and Giulia
    • Giovanni (Boy): God is gracious
    • Giulia (Girl): Youthful
  8. Hector and Helena
    • Hector (Boy): Steadfast
    • Helena (Girl): Bright, shining light
  9. Iacopo and Isabella
    • Iacopo (Boy): Supplanter
    • Isabella (Girl): God is my oath
  10. Jacopo and Julia
    • Jacopo (Boy): Supplanter
    • Julia (Girl): Youthful
  11. Kason and Kaira
    • Kason (Boy): Modern name with no specific meaning
    • Kaira (Girl): Pure
  12. Leandro and Lia
    • Leandro (Boy): Lion man
    • Lia (Girl): Bearer of good news
  13. Lorenzo and Ludovica
    • Lorenzo (Boy): From Laurentum
    • Ludovica (Girl): Famous warrior
  14. Luca and Livia
    • Luca (Boy): Light
    • Livia (Girl): Blue
  15. Marco and Marta
    • Marco (Boy): Warlike
    • Marta (Girl): Lady
  16. Nicola and Noemi
    • Nicola (Boy): Victory of the people
    • Noemi (Girl): Pleasantness
  17. Orlando and Oriana
    • Orlando (Boy): Famous land
    • Oriana (Girl): Golden
  18. Paolo and Piera
    • Paolo (Boy): Small
    • Piera (Girl): Rock
  19. Quintino and Quinta
    • Quintino (Boy): Fifth
    • Quinta (Girl): Fifth
  20. Raffaele and Rita
    • Raffaele (Boy): God has healed
    • Rita (Girl): Pearl
  21. Sandro and Serena
    • Sandro (Boy): Defender of men
    • Serena (Girl): Serene, calm
  22. Tiziano and Tina
    • Tiziano (Boy): Title of honor given to successful warriors
    • Tina (Girl): Short form of names ending with -tina, such as Albertina or Martina
  23. Ugo and Ursula
    • Ugo (Boy): Heart, mind, spirit
    • Ursula (Girl): Little bear
  24. Valentino and Valentina
    • Valentino (Boy): Strong, healthy
    • Valentina (Girl): Strong, healthy
  25. Vincenzo and Vittoria
    • Vincenzo (Boy): Conquering
    • Vittoria (Girl): Victory
  26. Walter and Walkiria
    • Walter (Boy): Army ruler
    • Walkiria (Girl): Valiant
  27. Xander and Xenia
    • Xander (Boy): Defender of the people
    • Xenia (Girl): Hospitality, welcoming
  28. Yossarian and Yara
    • Yossarian (Boy): Turkish name meaning “I am Turkish”
    • Yara (Girl): Small butterfly
  29. Zeno and Zora
    • Zeno (Boy): Of Zeus
    • Zora (Girl): Dawn

Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names with the Same Theme

Flower Theme

  1. Fiore and Fiorella
    • Fiore (Boy): Flower
    • Fiorella (Girl): Little flower
  2. Lino and Linnea
    • Lino (Boy): Flaxen, like a flower
    • Linnea (Girl): Twinflower
  3. Rosso and Rosa
    • Rosso (Boy): Red, like a rose
    • Rosa (Girl): Rose
  4. Flavio and Viola
    • Flavio (Boy): Yellow flower
    • Viola (Girl): Violet
  5. Bianco and Bianca
    • Bianco (Boy): White, like a flower
    • Bianca (Girl): White, fair

Love Theme

  1. Amore and Amorina
    • Amore (Boy): Love
    • Amorina (Girl): Little love
  2. Caro and Cara
    • Caro (Boy): Dear
    • Cara (Girl): Beloved
  3. Dario and Daria
    • Dario (Boy): Upholder of the good
    • Daria (Girl): Gift
  4. Amato and Amata
    • Amato (Boy): Beloved
    • Amata (Girl): Beloved
  5. Valentino and Valentina
    • Valentino (Boy): Strong, healthy
    • Valentina (Girl): Lovable, beloved

Nature Theme

  1. Sole and Luna
    • Sole (Boy): Sun
    • Luna (Girl): Moon
  2. Cielo and Terra
    • Cielo (Boy): Sky
    • Terra (Girl): Earth
  3. Stella and Aurora
    • Stella (Boy): Star
    • Aurora (Girl): Dawn
  4. Fiorangelo and Primavera
    • Fiorangelo (Boy): Angel of flowers
    • Primavera (Girl): Spring
  5. Monte and Marina
    • Monte (Boy): Mountain
    • Marina (Girl): From the sea

Animal Theme

  1. Leone and Leona
    • Leone (Boy): Lion
    • Leona (Girl): Lioness
  2. Orso and Orsola
    • Orso (Boy): Bear
    • Orsola (Girl): Little she-bear
  3. Aquila and Aquilina
    • Aquila (Boy): Eagle
    • Aquilina (Girl): Little eagle
  4. Lupo and Lupita
    • Lupo (Boy): Wolf
    • Lupita (Girl): Little wolf
  5. Felix and Felicia
    • Felix (Boy): Happy, fortunate
    • Felicia (Girl): Happy, fortunate

Gift of God Theme

  1. Angelo and Angela
    • Angelo (Boy): Angel
    • Angela (Girl): Angel
  2. Dio and Divina
    • Dio (Boy): God
    • Divina (Girl): Divine
  3. Salvatore and Salvia
    • Salvatore (Boy): Savior
    • Salvia (Girl): Sage
  4. Gesù and Grazia
    • Gesù (Boy): Jesus
    • Grazia (Girl): Grace
  5. Benedetto and Benedetta
    • Benedetto (Boy): Blessed
    • Benedetta (Girl): Blessed

Royal Theme

  1. Reale and Regina
    • Reale (Boy): Royal
    • Regina (Girl): Queen
  2. Principe and Principessa
    • Principe (Boy): Prince
    • Principessa (Girl): Princess
  3. Duca and Duchessa
    • Duca (Boy): Duke
    • Duchessa (Girl): Duchess
  4. Nobile and Nobiltà
    • Nobile (Boy): Noble
    • Nobiltà (Girl): Nobility
  5. Barone and Baronessa
    • Barone (Boy): Baron (Boy)
    • Baronessa (Girl): Baroness

Vintage Theme

  1. Giovanni and Giovanna
    • Giovanni (Boy): God is gracious
    • Giovanna (Girl): God is gracious
  2. Antonio and Antonia
    • Antonio (Boy): Beyond praise
    • Antonia (Girl): Beyond praise
  3. Giuseppe and Giuseppina
    • Giuseppe (Boy): God will add
    • Giuseppina (Girl): God will add
  4. Carlo and Carlotta
    • Carlo (Boy): Man, warrior
    • Carlotta (Girl): Manly
  5. Luigi and Luisa
    • Luigi (Boy): Famous warrior
    • Luisa (Girl): Famous warrior

Gemstone Theme

  1. Rubino and Rubina
    • Rubino (Boy): Ruby
    • Rubina (Girl): Ruby
  2. Smeraldo and Esmeralda
    • Smeraldo (Boy): Emerald
    • Esmeralda (Girl): Emerald
  3. Zaffiro and Saffira
    • Zaffiro: Sapphire
    • Saffira (Girl): Sapphire
  4. Cristallo and Crystal
    • Cristallo (Boy): Crystal
    • Crystal (Girl): Crystal
  5. Topazio and Topazia
    • Topazio (Boy): Topaz
    • Topazia (Girl): Topaz

Seasonal Theme

  1. Primavera and Vera
    • Primavera (Boy): Spring
    • Vera (Girl): Springlike
  2. Autunno and Autunna
    • Autunno (Boy): Autumn
    • Autunna (Girl): Autumn
  3. Inverno and Nevina
    • Inverno (Boy): Winter
    • Nevina (Girl): Snowy
  4. Estate and Estella
    • Estate (Boy): Summer
    • Estella (Girl): Star
  5. Fiorino and Fiorella
    • Fiorino (Boy): Little flower
    • Fiorella (Girl): Little flower

Music Theme

  1. Aria and Melodia
    • Aria (Boy): Air, melody
    • Melodia (Girl): Melody
  2. Canto and Armonia
    • Canto (Boy): Song
    • Armonia (Girl): Harmony
  3. Allegro and Sonata
    • Allegro (Boy): Lively
    • Sonata (Girl): Sonata
  4. Ritmo and Voce
    • Ritmo (Boy): Rhythm
    • Voice (Girl): Voice
  5. Accordo and Note
    • Accordo (Boy): Chord
    • Note (Girl): Musical notes

Space Theme

  1. Stella and Astrea
    • Stella (Boy): Star (Boy)
    • Astrea (Girl): Starry
  2. Cosmo and Luna
    • Cosmo (Boy): Universe
    • Luna (Girl): Moon
  3. Orione and Aurora
    • Orione (Boy): Orion
    • Aurora (Girl): Dawn
  4. Sirio and Celeste
    • Sirio (Boy): Sirius
    • Celeste (Girl): Heavenly
  5. Galileo and Stella
    • Galileo (Boy): Galileo Galilei
    • Stella (Girl): Star

Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names with the Same Meaning

  1. Alberto (Boy) and Alberta (Girl) – Noble and bright
  2. Alessandro (Boy) and Alessandra (Girl) – Defender of mankind
  3. Alfonso (Boy) and Alfonsa (Girl) – Noble and ready
  4. Amadeo (Boy) and Amadea (Girl) – Loves God
  5. Angelo (Boy) and Angela (Girl) – Angel or messenger
  6. Carlo (Boy) and Carla (Girl) – Free man
  7. Dario (Boy) and Daria (Girl) – Possesses goodness
  8. Domenico (Boy) and Domenica (Girl) – Belonging to the Lord
  9. Elio (Boy) and Eliana (Girl) – Sun
  10. Emanuele (Boy) and Emanuela (Girl) – God is with us
  11. Fabio (Boy) and Fabia (Girl) – Bean grower
  12. Francesco (Boy) and Francesca (Girl) – Free
  13. Giorgio (Boy) and Giorgia (Girl) – Farmer
  14. Ignazio (Boy) and Ignazia (Girl) – Fiery
  15. Lorenzo (Boy) and Lorenza (Girl) – From Laurentum
  16. Luca (Boy) and Lucia (Girl) – Light
  17. Marco (Boy) and Marcia (Girl) – Warlike
  18. Mario (Boy) and Maria (Girl) – Bitter or sea of sorrow
  19. Martino (Boy) and Martina (Girl) – Warlike
  20. Nico (Boy) and Nicole (Girl) – Victory of the people
  21. Roberto (Boy) and Roberta (Girl) – Bright fame
  22. Salvatore (Boy) and Salvatrice (Girl) – Savior
  23. Simone (Boy) and Simona (Girl) – He has heard
  24. Stefano (Boy) and Stefania (Girl) – Crowned
  25. Tommaso (Boy) and Tommasina (Girl) – Twin
  26. Umberto (Boy) and Umberta (Girl) – Bright warrior
  27. Valentino (Boy) and Valentina (Girl) – Strong and healthy
  28. Valerio (Boy) and Valeria (Girl) – Strong
  29. Vincenzo (Boy) and Vincenza (Girl) – Conquering
  30. Zaccaria (Boy) and Zaccarina (Girl) – The Lord has remembered

Short and Sweet Italian Twin Boy and Girl Names

  1. Ben and Jen
    • Ben (Boy): Son
    • Jen (Girl): White wave
  2. Enzo and Zoe
    • Enzo (Boy): Rules his household
    • Zoe (Girl): Life
  3. Gio and Lia
    • Gio (Boy): God is gracious
    • Lia (Girl): Bearer of good news
  4. Jan and Eva
    • Jan (Boy): God is gracious
    • Eva (Girl): Life
  5. Leo and Mia
    • Leo (Boy): Lion
    • Mia (Girl): Mine
  6. Lev and Zia
    • Lev (Boy): Heart
    • Zia (Girl): Light
  7. Ziv and Liv
    • Ziv (Boy): Brightness
    • Liv (Girl): Life
  8. Luca and Lila
    • Luca (Boy): Bringer of light
    • Lila (Girl): Lilac
  9. Mat and May
    • Mat (Boy): Gift of God
    • May (Girl): Goddess of spring
  10. Max and Liv
    • Max (Boy): Greatest
    • Liv (Girl): Life
  11. Ren and Gem
    • Ren (Boy): Reborn
    • Gem (Girl): Gemstone
  12. Tim and Ivy
    • Tim (Boy): Honoring God
    • Ivy (Girl): Ivy plant
  13. Val and Ria
    • Val (Boy): Strong
    • Ria (Girl): River
  14. Zac and Cara
    • Zac (Boy): God remembers
    • Cara (Girl): Beloved
  15. Zev and Chloe
    • Zev (Boy): Wolf
    • Chloe (Girl): Green shoot

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