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207+ Best Italian Nicknames for Daughter with Meanings

207+ Best Italian Nicknames for Daughter with Meanings

Looking for the perfect Italian nicknames for daughter? We’ve got you covered from cute and sweet to unique and cool, we’ve got options to match her personality. Explore funny nicknames, food-inspired names, and even nature-themed choices. Plus, find Italian contact names for your phone and discover how daughters are called in different languages.

Cute and Sweet Italian Nicknames for Daughter

Here are some cute and sweet Italian nicknames for daughter to express your love, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Amore mio (Ah-moh-reh mee-oh) – My love: A tender and affectionate nickname for your beloved daughter.
  2. Angioletto (An-jol-let-to) – Little Angel: For a daughter with a sweet and innocent demeanor.
  3. Bambina (Bam-bi-na) – Baby Girl: A term of endearment for a daughter, no matter her age.
  4. Bambolina (Bahm-boh-lee-nah) – Little Doll: Indicating your daughter’s adorable and precious nature.
  5. Colomba (Koh-lohm-bah) – Dove: Signifying your daughter’s purity, innocence, and peace-loving nature.
  6. Cucciola (Coo-cho-la) – Puppy: For a daughter who is lovable, playful, and always happy to see you.
  7. Cuore (Kwoh-reh) – Heart: Symbolizing your daughter’s loving and caring nature.
  8. Cuoricino (Cuo-ri-ci-no) – Little Heart: Signifying the deep love and affection you have for her.
  9. Dolcezza (Dohl-cheht-tsah) – Sweetness: Signifying your daughter’s sweet and charming personality.
  10. Dolcissima (Dohl-chees-see-mah) – Sweetheart: A loving and affectionate name for your daughter.
  11. Farfalla (Fahr-fahl-lah) – Butterfly: Symbolizing your daughter’s gracefulness and free spirit.
  12. Fiore (Fee-oh-reh) – Flower: Reflecting your daughter’s delicate and lovely nature.
  13. Gioia (Joh-ee-ah) – Joy: Reflecting the happiness and joy your daughter brings into your life.
  14. Gioiellino (Joy-el-li-no) – Little Jewel: For a daughter who is as precious as a rare gem.
  15. Incanto (In-kahn-toh) – Enchantment: Describing your daughter’s magical and captivating presence.
  16. Luce (Lu-ce) – Light: For a daughter who lights up your life with her presence.
  17. Miciotta (Mi-ci-ot-ta) – Little Kitty: For a daughter who is independent yet affectionate.
  18. Pasticcina (Pas-tic-ci-na) – Little Pastry: For a daughter who is sweet and delightful, just like a pastry
  19. Perla (Pehr-lah) – Pearl: Describing your daughter’s uniqueness, beauty, and preciousness.
  20. Piccolina (Pic-co-li-na) – Little One: For a younger daughter or as an affectionate way to refer to her, emphasizing her youth.
  21. Principessa (Prin-chee-peh-sah) – Princess: A royal and endearing nickname for your daughter.
  22. Pulcino (Pul-chee-no) – Little Chick: For a daughter who is adorable and cuddly.
  23. Sognatrice (So-gna-tri-ce) – Dreamer: For a daughter who has big dreams and aspirations.
  24. Sole (So-leh) – Sun: Describing your daughter’s radiant and warm presence.
  25. Stella (Stehl-lah) – Star: Symbolizing your daughter’s brightness and beauty.
  26. Tesoro (Te-so-ro) – Treasure: Signifying how much she is valued and cherished.

Unique Italian Nicknames for Daughter

Here are some unique Italian nicknames for daughter that could wonderfully express your affection and admiration for her, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Acquerello (Ac-que-rel-lo) – Watercolor: For a daughter who adds color and softness to your life, just like a beautiful watercolor painting.
  2. Alba (Ahl-bah) – Dawn: Reflecting her new beginnings and fresh outlook on life.
  3. Arcobaleno (Ahr-koh-bah-leh-noh) – Rainbow: Reflecting her vibrant and colorful personality.
  4. Armonia (Ar-mo-ni-a) – Harmony: For a daughter who brings balance and peace to your life.
  5. Cielo (Cie-lo) – Sky: For a daughter who has no limits and is free to dream as big as the sky.
  6. Dolcissima (Dohl-chees-see-mah) – Sweetness: Signifying her sweet and endearing character.
  7. Favola (Fah-voh-lah) – Fairytale: Describing her enchanting and magical essence.
  8. Fenice (Fe-ni-ce) – Phoenix: For a daughter who is resilient and rises above challenges.
  9. Luce (Loo-cheh) – Light: Describing her illuminating presence.
  10. Luminosa (Lu-mi-no-sa) – Bright One: For a daughter who brightens every room she enters with her presence and personality.
  11. Luna (Loo-nah) – Moon: Describing her mystical and dreamy nature.
  12. Melodia (Me-lo-di-a) – Melody: For a daughter who brings music and rhythm into your life, making it sweeter.
  13. Meraviglia (Meh-rah-vee-l-yah) – Wonder: Highlighting her curiosity and sense of wonder.
  14. Miracolina (Mi-ra-co-li-na) – Little Miracle: For a daughter who is considered a miracle or a blessing in your life.
  15. Ninfa (Nin-fa) – Nymph: For a daughter with a connection to nature, beauty, and the arts.
  16. Penelope (Peh-neh-loh-peh) – Weaver: Symbolizing her creativity and resourcefulness.
  17. Perla (Pehr-lah) – Pearl: Signifying her uniqueness, beauty, and preciousness.
  18. Primavera (Pree-mah-veh-rah) – Spring: Signifying her youthfulness and vitality.
  19. Raggiante (Rag-gian-te) – Radiant: For a daughter whose happiness and positivity radiate, affecting everyone around her.
  20. Rugiada (Roo-jyah-dah) – Dewdrop: Signifying her purity and freshness.
  21. Serenella (Seh-reh-nel-lah) – Serene: Reflecting her calm and peaceful demeanor.
  22. Sogno (Sohn-yoh) – Dream: Describing her imaginative and dreamy personality.
  23. Soleggiata (So-leg-gia-ta) – Sunny: For a daughter who is always cheerful and bright like the sun.
  24. Speranza (Spe-ran-za) – Hope: For a daughter who represents hope and optimism for the future.
  25. Stella Caduta (Stel-la Ca-du-ta) – Fallen Star: For a daughter who seems like a wish come true.
  26. Tempesta (Tehm-peh-stah) – Storm: Symbolizing her strength and resilience in challenging times.
  27. Valente (Va-len-te) – Brave: For a daughter who shows courage and determination.
  28. Vittoria (Vee-toh-ree-ah) – Victory: Symbolizing her determination and resilience.
  29. Vivace (Vi-va-ce) – Lively: For a daughter with an energetic spirit and vivacious personality.
  30. Voliera (Voh-lyeh-rah) – Aviary: Highlighting her free-spirited and adventurous side.
  31. Zaffiro (Zaf-fi-ro) – Sapphire: For a daughter whose strength and beauty are both rare and valuable.

Cool Italian Nicknames for Daughter

Here are some cool Italian nicknames for daughter that might resonate with her personality or your hopes for her, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Avventura (Ahv-ven-too-rah) – Adventure: Highlighting her adventurous spirit.
  2. Diva (Dee-vah) – Diva: Symbolizing her confidence and style.
  3. Eclipse (Eh-klips) – Eclipse: Symbolizing her mysterious and captivating aura.
  4. Fiamma (Fiam-ma) – Flame: For a daughter with a fiery spirit and passion.
  5. Fulmine (Ful-mi-ne) – Lightning: For a daughter with a quick mind and the ability to surprise and dazzle.
  6. Galaxy (Gal-uhk-see) – Galaxy: Describing her vast imagination and creativity.
  7. Guerriera Cielo (Guer-rie-ra Cie-lo) – Sky Warrior: For a daughter who fights for her dreams and reaches for the sky.
  8. Jazz (Jaz) – Jazz: Highlighting her rhythm and creativity.
  9. Mente Brillante (Men-te Bril-lan-te) – Brilliant Mind: For a daughter known for her intelligence and wit.
  10. Ninja (Nee-njah) – Ninja: Reflecting her agility and strength.
  11. Pantera Agile (Pan-te-ra A-gi-le) – Agile Panther: For a daughter with a strong and graceful demeanor.
  12. Phoenix (Fee-niks) – Phoenix: Signifying her resilience and ability to overcome obstacles.
  13. Rebel (Reh-behl) – Rebel: Signifying her independent and free-spirited personality.
  14. Rocciaforte (Roc-cia-for-te) – Stronghold: For a daughter who is strong and dependable, a true foundation for herself and those around her.
  15. Rockstar (Rok-stahr) – Rockstar: Signifying her talent and charisma.
  16. Scintilla (Scin-til-la) – Spark: For a daughter who sparks inspiration and joy wherever she goes.
  17. Siren (Sai-ren) – Siren: Reflecting her enchanting and mesmerizing presence.
  18. Sky (Skahy) – Sky: Reflecting her limitless potential and dreams.
  19. Sognatrice di Giorno (So-gna-tri-ce di Gior-no) – Daydreamer: For a daughter who always has her head in the clouds, dreaming big.
  20. Sparkle (Spahr-kuhl) – Sparkle: Highlighting her sparkling personality and energy.
  21. Spirito Libero (Spi-ri-to Li-be-ro) – Free Spirit: For a daughter who values freedom and lives life on her own terms.
  22. Stella Rock (Stel-la Rock) – Rock Star: For a daughter with a vibrant personality and a love for music.
  23. Stellina (Steh-lee-nah) – Little Star: Symbolizing her brightness and uniqueness.
  24. Stormy (Stawr-mee) – Stormy: Signifying her strong emotions and intensity.
  25. Thunder (Thuhn-duhr) – Thunder: Reflecting her powerful presence.
  26. Tigre (Tee-greh) – Tiger: Describing her fierce and determined nature.
  27. Vortex (Vawr-teks) – Vortex: Highlighting her dynamic and energetic personality.

Funny Italian Nicknames for Daughter

Here are some funny Italian nicknames for daughter that might just capture her personality, quirks, or the joy she brings, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Bicicletta (Bee-chee-kleh-tah) – Bicycle: A funny and quirky nickname for a daughter who’s always on the move.
  2. Briciola (Bree-choh-lah) – Crumb: A funny and endearing name for a petite daughter.
  3. Cicciona (Chee-chyoh-nah) – Chubby: Playful term for a daughter with a hearty appetite.
  4. Farfallona (Fahr-fahl-loh-nah) – Big Butterfly: Playful nickname for a daughter who’s lively and fluttery.
  5. Furbetta (Fur-bet-ta) – Little Sly One: For a clever daughter who always finds smart ways to get what she wants.
  6. Gelatina (Ge-la-ti-na) – Jelly: For a daughter who wobbles and giggles like jelly.
  7. Ghirigoro (Ghee-ree-goh-roh) – Fidget: Playful name for a daughter who’s always moving and fidgeting.
  8. Mangiona (Man-gio-na) – Big Eater: For a daughter with a hearty appetite, always ready for snacks.
  9. Pasticciona (Pah-stee-chyoh-nah) – Messy: A humorous nickname for a daughter who’s always messy or disorganized.
  10. Petalo (Peh-tah-loh) – Petal: Sweet and delicate, just like a flower petal, but with a funny twist.
  11. Puzzola (Pootz-oh-lah) – Skunk: A funny and quirky nickname for a daughter with a mischievous side.
  12. Risata (Ree-sah-tah) – Laughter: Perfect for a daughter with an infectious and joyful laugh.
  13. Risatina (Ri-sa-ti-na) – Little Giggles: For a daughter who can’t help but giggle at everything, spreading laughter wherever she goes.
  14. Risatona (Ree-sah-toh-nah) – Big Laughter: Perfect for a daughter with a loud and hearty laugh.
  15. Sbuffetta (Sbuf-fet-ta) – Little Huff: For a daughter who dramatically sighs or huffs when things don’t go her way.
  16. Sbuffosa (Sboof-oh-sah) – Puffing: Funny nickname for a daughter who loves to blow things up out of proportion.
  17. Scherzetto (Skehrt-seh-ttoh) – Prankster: For a daughter who loves playing jokes and pranks.
  18. Scherzosa (Skehrt-soh-sah) – Joking: For a daughter who loves making witty remarks and jokes.
  19. Sciocchina (Shohk-kee-nah) – Little Silly: Ideal for a daughter who’s always up to silly antics.
  20. Scricciolo (Scric-cio-lo) – Little Wren: For a tiny daughter with a big voice or presence.
  21. Sorrisona (Sor-ree-soh-nah) – Big Smile: Ideal for a daughter with a radiant and contagious smile.
  22. Spilungona (Spee-loong-goh-nah) – Tall and Slender: A funny nickname for a daughter who’s tall and slim.
  23. Testa di Rapanello (Tes-ta di Ra-pa-nel-lo) – Little Turnip Head: A lighthearted tease for a daughter who sometimes acts before she thinks.
  24. Topino (Toh-pee-noh) – Little Mouse: Playful nickname for a daughter who’s small and mischievous.
  25. Trottola (Trot-to-la) – Spinning Top: For a daughter who’s always moving around, never sitting still for a moment.

Food-Inspired Italian Names for Your Daughter

Here are some Italian food-inspired names that might be perfect for your little one, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Arancia (Ah-rahn-chah) – Orange: Vibrant and cheerful, like your daughter’s optimism.
  2. Biscotto (Bee-skoht-toh) – Biscuit: Sweet and delightful, just like your daughter.
  3. Cannella (Kahn-nel-lah) – Cinnamon: Warm and comforting, like a hug from your daughter.
  4. Carota (Kah-roh-tah) – Carrot: Vibrant and healthy, symbolizing your daughter’s vitality.
  5. Ciliegia (Chee-lee-jee-ah) – Cherry: Sweet and playful, reflecting your daughter’s joyful nature.
  6. Cioccolata (Choh-koh-lah-tah) – Chocolate: Rich and indulgent, reflecting your daughter’s sweetness.
  7. Fagiolo (Fah-joh-loh) – Bean: Small but full of goodness, reflecting your daughter’s potential.
  8. Fragola (Frah-goh-lah) – Strawberry: Fresh and vibrant, just like your daughter’s energy.
  9. Gelato (Jeh-lah-toh) – Ice Cream: Cool and delightful, like your daughter’s happy moments.
  10. Limone (Lee-moh-neh) – Lemon: Bright and zesty, reflecting your daughter’s lively personality.
  11. Mandorla (Mahn-dohr-lah) – Almond: Nutty and wholesome, symbolizing your daughter’s grounded nature.
  12. Miele (Mee-eh-leh) – Honey: Sweet and golden, symbolizing your daughter’s warmth and kindness.
  13. Olive (Oh-lee-veh) – Olive: Symbolizing peace and wisdom, like your daughter’s calmness.
  14. Pasticcino (Pah-stee-chee-noh) – Pastry: Delicate and charming, like your daughter’s grace.
  15. Pesca (Peh-skah) – Peach: Soft and lovely, reflecting your daughter’s gentle nature.
  16. Porcellino (Pohr-chehl-lee-noh) – Piglet: Playful and adorable, just like your daughter.
  17. Sorbetto (Sor-beh-toh) – Sorbet: Refreshing and delightful, like your daughter’s presence.
  18. Tartufo (Tahr-too-foh) – Truffle: Elegant and sophisticated, reflecting your daughter’s elegance.
  19. Zuccherino (Zuc-che-ri-no) – Little Sugar: For a daughter who is incredibly sweet, with a hint of sass.
  20. Zucchero Filato (Tzook-keh-roh Fee-lah-toh) – Cotton Candy: Sweet and fluffy, just like your daughter’s personality.

Nature and Animal Inspired Italian Nicknames for Daughter

Here are some nature and animal inspired Italian nicknames for daughter, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Aquila (Ah-kwee-lah) – Eagle: Strong and powerful, symbolizing freedom.
  2. Cascata (Kah-skah-tah) – Waterfall: Flowing and graceful, symbolizing beauty.
  3. Cigno (Cheen-yoh) – Swan: Graceful and elegant, symbolizing beauty and purity.
  4. Colomba (Kohl-ohm-bah) – Dove: Peaceful and gentle, like a dove’s presence.
  5. Coniglietta (Co-ni-gli-et-ta) – Little Bunny: For a daughter who’s cuddly, warm, and full of life.
  6. Delfina (Del-fi-na) – Dolphin: For a daughter known for her intelligence, playfulness, and love of the water.
  7. Falco (Fahl-koh) – Falcon: Swift and determined, symbolizing agility and focus.
  8. Farfalla (Fahr-fahl-lah) – Butterfly: Delicate and transformative, like a butterfly’s journey.
  9. Fata (Fah-tah) – Fairy: Magical and enchanting, like a fairy tale.
  10. Fiorella (Fyoh-rehl-lah) – Little Flower: Delicate and beautiful, just like a flower.
  11. Gazzella (Gaz-zel-la) – Gazelle: For a daughter with elegance and swiftness, always moving with purpose.
  12. Ghiro (Gi-ro) – Dormouse: For a daughter who loves her sleep and moves through life with a gentle, quiet presence.
  13. Leonessa (Le-o-nes-sa) – Lioness: For a daughter with a brave heart and a regal demeanor, commanding respect.
  14. Luce (Loo-cheh) – Light: Reflecting brightness and positivity.
  15. Luna (Loo-nah) – Moon: Mysterious and enchanting, like the moon’s glow.
  16. Lupetta (Lu-pet-ta) – Little Wolf: For a daughter who shows leadership and loyalty, with a fierce spirit.
  17. Nuvola (Noo-voh-lah) – Cloud: Soft and dreamy, like a fluffy cloud in the sky.
  18. Primavera (Pree-mah-veh-rah) – Spring: Fresh and full of life, like the season.
  19. Sirenetta (Si-re-net-ta) – Little Mermaid: For a daughter who dreams of the sea and has a mysterious, enchanting quality.
  20. Sole (So-leh) – Sun: Radiant and warm, like the sun’s rays.
  21. Stella (Steh-lah) – Star: Bright and shining, like a star in the night sky.
  22. Tigre (Tee-greh) – Tiger: Fierce and brave, symbolizing strength.
  23. Violetta (Vio-let-ta) – Little Violet: For a daughter who embodies modesty and depth, with a quiet strength.
  24. Zaffiro (Zahf-fee-roh) – Sapphire: Deep and captivating, like a precious gem.

Italian Nicknames Based on Her Personality

Here are several Italian nicknames for daughter inspired by her different personality attributes, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Affettuosa (Af-fet-tuo-sa) – Affectionate: For someone who gives the best hugs and always shows their love.
  2. Allegro (Al-le-gro) – Cheerful: For someone whose upbeat and positive nature is a constant source of joy.
  3. Amore (Ah-moh-reh) – Love: Ideal for a daughter who is loving and affectionate.
  4. Avventura (Av-ven-too-rah) – Adventure: Perfect for an adventurous and daring daughter.
  5. Coraggio (Koh-rah-joh) – Courage: For a daughter who shows bravery and strength in difficult situations.
  6. Coraggiosa (Co-rag-gio-sa) – Brave: For the one who faces life’s challenges with courage and determination.
  7. Creativa (Cre-a-ti-va) – Creative: For a person whose imagination and creativity know no bounds.
  8. Curiosa (Cu-rio-sa) – Curious: For the inquisitive one, always eager to learn and explore new things.
  9. Determinazione (Dee-ter-mee-nah-tsee-oh-neh) – Determination: Ideal for a daughter who is focused and perseverant.
  10. Dolcetta (Dol-cet-ta) – Sweetie: For someone who exudes kindness and sweetness in their every action.
  11. Energia (En-er-jee-ah) – Energy: Perfect for a daughter who is always full of life and enthusiasm.
  12. Entusiasmo (En-too-zee-ahz-moh) – Enthusiasm: Ideal for a daughter who is passionate and enthusiastic about life.
  13. Equilibrio (Eh-kwee-lee-bree-oh) – Balance: Perfect for a daughter who maintains harmony and stability.
  14. Espansiva (Es-pan-si-va) – Outgoing: For someone who’s sociable and expressive, making friends wherever they go.
  15. Generosita (Jeh-neh-roh-see-tah) – Generosity: Perfect for a daughter who is generous and giving.
  16. Gentile (Gen-ti-le) – Kind: For a person whose gentleness and consideration for others shine through.
  17. Gioia (Joh-ee-ah) – Joy: Suitable for a daughter who brings happiness and positivity to others.
  18. Grazia (Grah-tsee-ah) – Grace: Suitable for a daughter who is graceful and elegant.
  19. Instancabile (In-stan-ca-bi-le) – Tireless: For the energetic individual who never seems to run out of steam.
  20. Intelligente (In-tel-li-gen-te) – Intelligent: For the sharp-minded individual who impresses with their knowledge and wit.
  21. Misteriosa (Mis-te-rio-sa) – Mysterious: For someone with an intriguing, enigmatic personality that captivates everyone.
  22. Paziente (Pa-zi-en-te) – Patient: For a person who exhibits remarkable patience and calm in every situation.
  23. Riflessiva (Ri-fles-si-va) – Thoughtful: For a person who contemplates deeply and considers the feelings of others.
  24. Risoluta (Ri-so-lu-ta) – Resolute: For the individual who stands firm in their convictions and decisions.
  25. Risoluzione (Ree-soh-loo-tsee-oh-neh) – Resilience: For a daughter who faces challenges with strength and determination.
  26. Sensibilita (Sen-zee-bee-lee-tah) – Sensitivity: Suitable for a daughter who is empathetic and understanding.
  27. Simpatia (Simp-ah-tee-ah) – Charm: Ideal for a daughter who is charismatic and likable.
  28. Sognatrice (So-gna-tri-ce) – Dreamer: For the eternal optimist who dreams big and inspires others to do the same.
  29. Solare (So-la-re) – Sunny: For someone with a bright, cheerful disposition that lights up the room.
  30. Sorridente (Sor-ri-den-te) – Smiley: For someone who’s always wearing a bright smile.
  31. Tranquillita (Trahn-kwee-lee-tah) – Tranquility: Perfect for a daughter who is calm and peaceful.
  32. Vivace (Vi-va-ce) – Lively: For the energetic soul whose vivacity and spirit are infectious.

Italian Contact Names for Daughter

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, affectionate, or playfully unique, here are some Italian-inspired contact names that might resonate with the special bond you share with your daughter, along with their pronunciation, meaning and inspiration:

  1. Amore Eterno (A-mo-re E-ter-no) – Eternal Love: For a daughter who is loved unconditionally and forever.
  2. Amore Mio (Ah-moh-reh Mee-oh) – My Love: A heartfelt name for your daughter, expressing your deep affection.
  3. Angelo Mio (An-gelo Mio) – My Angel: For a daughter who is your guardian angel on earth.
  4. Angioletto (Ahn-joh-lee-oh-toh) – Little Angel: Perfect for a daughter who brings joy, purity, and goodness.
  5. Bambolina (Bahm-boh-lee-nah) – Little Doll: A playful and cute name for your daughter, highlighting her charm.
  6. Batticuore (Bat-ti-cuo-re) – Heartbeat: For the daughter who is the very beat and essence of your heart.
  7. Bellissima (Behl-lee-see-mah) – Beautiful: A straightforward yet affectionate name to express admiration for your daughter’s beauty.
  8. Carina (Kah-ree-nah) – Cute: A simple and endearing name to describe your daughter’s adorable personality.
  9. Cucciola (Koo-choh-lah) – Little Darling: A tender name for your daughter, expressing affection and endearment.
  10. Cuore Piccolo (Cuo-re Pic-co-lo) – Little Heart: For a daughter who holds a big place in your heart.
  11. Dolce Meta (Dol-ce Me-ta) – Sweet Half: For a daughter who completes your life with her sweetness.
  12. Dolce Sogno (Dol-ce So-gno) – Sweet Dream: For the daughter who is as delightful and comforting as a dream.
  13. Dolcissima (Dohl-chee-see-mah) – Sweetie: A sweet and affectionate name for your daughter, emphasizing her sweetness.
  14. Farfalla (Fahr-fahl-lah) – Butterfly: Representing your daughter’s transformation, grace, and freedom.
  15. Fior di Vita (Fior di Vi-ta) – Flower of Life: For a daughter who brings beauty and growth into your life.
  16. Gioia (Joh-ee-ah) – Joy: Reflecting how your daughter brings happiness and delight into your life.
  17. Miracolo Mio (Mi-ra-co-lo Mio) – My Miracle: For the daughter who is a miraculous gift in your life.
  18. Perla (Pehr-lah) – Pearl: Symbolizing your daughter’s uniqueness, purity, and preciousness.
  19. Piccola (Pee-koh-lah) – Little One: A loving nickname for your daughter, highlighting her youthfulness and innocence.
  20. Piccola Diva (Pic-co-la Di-va) – Little Diva: For a daughter with a strong personality and flair for the dramatic.
  21. Principessa (Prin-chee-peh-sah) – Princess: Perfect for your daughter who brings royal charm and grace to your life.
  22. Sogno Realizzato (So-gno Re-a-li-za-to) – Dream Come True: For the daughter who embodies all your dreams fulfilled.

Names for Daughter in Different Languages

  1. Arabic: ابنة (Bint)
  2. Bengali: মেয়ে (Meẏe)
  3. Dutch: Dochter
  4. English: Daughter
  5. French: Fille
  6. German: Tochter
  7. Greek: Κόρη (Kori)
  8. Hindi: बेटी (Beti)
  9. Italian: Figlia
  10. Japanese: 娘 (Musume)
  11. Korean: 딸 (Ttal)
  12. Mandarin Chinese: 女儿 (Nǚ’er)
  13. Polish: Corka
  14. Portuguese: Filha
  15. Punjabi: ਕੁੜੀ (Kuri)
  16. Russian: Дочь (Doch’)
  17. Spanish: Hija
  18. Swedish: Dotter
  19. Turkish: Kız
  20. Urdu: بیٹی (Beṭi)

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