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230+ Unique Italian Names with Meanings

230+ Unique Italian Names with Meanings

Are you an Italian parent looking for something special for your child’s name? Our blog on unique Italian names is just what you need! Whether you’re expecting a daughter, a son, or prefer a gender-neutral option, we’ve got a collection of uncommon and distinctive Italian names that will make your child stand out in a crowd. Let’s explore together and find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy!

Unique Italian Names for Boys

Explore unique Italian names for boys, each with its pronunciation and distinctive meaning rooted in Italian culture:

  1. Achille (ah-KEE-leh): Pain, Grief
  2. Adelmo (ah-DEHL-moh): Noble protector
  3. Alarico (ah-LAH-ree-koh): Ruler of all
  4. Alcide (ahl-CHEE-deh): Strength, Power
  5. Alfio (AHL-fee-oh): Fair, Blond
  6. Alighiero (ah-lee-GYEH-roh): Noble, Renowned
  7. Almerico (ahl-MEH-ree-koh): Work, Labor
  8. Alvise (AHL-vee-zeh): Renowned warrior
  9. Amato (ah-MAH-toh): Beloved
  10. Amerigo (ah-MEH-ree-goh): Work, Labor
  11. Anselmo (ahn-SEHL-moh): Divine helmet
  12. Aquilino (ah-kwee-LEE-noh): Eagle
  13. Arcangelo (ahr-kahn-JEH-loh): Archangel
  14. Arduino (ahr-DOO-noh): Bold, Brave friend
  15. Aroldo (ahr-OHL-doh): Leader, Ruler
  16. Attilio (aht-TEEL-yoh): Father, Noble
  17. Aurelio (ow-REH-lyoh): Golden, Gilded
  18. Baldassare (bahl-dahs-SAH-reh): Baal protects
  19. Baldovino (bahl-doh-VEE-noh): Brave friend
  20. Basilio (bah-ZEE-lyoh): Royal, Kingly
  21. Benedetto (behn-eh-DEHT-toh): Blessed
  22. Beniamino (behn-yah-MEE-noh): Son of the right hand
  23. Bonaventura (boh-nah-vehn-TOO-rah): Good fortune
  24. Bonifacio (boh-nee-FAH-chyoh): Doer of good
  25. Carmine (KAHR-meen): Song, Poem
  26. Corrado (koh-RAH-doh): Bold counsel
  27. Cosimo (koh-ZEE-moh): Order, Beauty
  28. Costantino (koh-stahn-TEE-noh): Constant, Steadfast
  29. Donato (doh-NAH-toh): Given, Gift
  30. Edmondo (ed-MOHN-doh): Wealthy protector
  31. Egisto (eh-JEES-toh): Sword, Lance
  32. Eligio (eh-LEE-jyoh): Chosen, Elect
  33. Eliseo (eh-lee-ZEH-oh): My God is salvation
  34. Emidio (eh-MEE-dee-oh): Half-god
  35. Enzio (EHN-tsyoh): Home ruler
  36. Erminio (ehr-MEE-nyoh): Whole, Universal
  37. Euclide (eh-oo-KLEE-deh): Glorious victory
  38. Eusebio (eh-oo-ZEH-byoh): Pious, Devout
  39. Ezio (EH-tsyoh): Eagle
  40. Fausto (FAW-stoh): Lucky, Fortunate
  41. Federigo (feh-deh-REE-goh): Peaceful ruler
  42. Ferruccio (feh-ROO-choh): Little iron
  43. Fiorello (fyoh-REHL-loh): Little flower
  44. Flavio (FLAH-vyoh): Blond, Fair
  45. Fulvio (FOOL-vyoh): Yellow, Blond
  46. Furio (FOO-ryo): Fierce, Wild
  47. Geronimo (jeh-RAH-nee-moh): Sacred name
  48. Giancarlo (jahn-KAHR-loh): God is gracious
  49. Gianmarco (jahn-MAHR-koh): God is gracious
  50. Giotto (JYAWT-toh): God, Lord
  51. Graziano (grah-TSYAH-noh): Gracious, Merciful
  52. Guido (GWEED-oh): Wood, Forest
  53. Ippolito (eep-POH-lee-toh): Freer of horses
  54. Italo (EE-tah-loh): Of Italy
  55. Ivano (EE-vah-noh): God is gracious
  56. Ivo (EE-voh): Yew, Archer
  57. Lazzaro (LAHTS-tsah-roh): God has helped
  58. Lino (LEE-noh): Flaxen-haired
  59. Livio (LEE-vyoh): Blue, Bluish
  60. Loris (LOH-rees): Laurel, Honor
  61. Marino (mah-REE-noh): Of the sea
  62. Massimiliano (mahs-see-mee-LYAH-noh): Greatest
  63. Medardo (meh-DAHR-doh): Courageous, Strong
  64. Naldo (NAHL-doh): Powerful, Strong
  65. Nazzareno (naht-tsah-REH-noh): From Nazareth
  66. Nereo (NEH-reh-oh): Of the sea
  67. Nerio (NEH-ryo): Water
  68. Nerone (neh-ROH-neh): Strong, Powerful
  69. Orazio (oh-RAH-tsyoh): Timekeeper, Hour
  70. Orfeo (OHR-feh-oh): Darkness
  71. Orlando (or-LAHN-doh): Famous throughout the land
  72. Osvaldo (os-VAHL-doh): God’s power
  73. Ottavio (ot-TAH-vyoh): Eighth
  74. Pacifico (pah-CHEE-fee-koh): Peaceful, Serene
  75. Palmiro (pahl-MEE-roh): Palm tree
  76. Pascalino (pahs-kah-LEE-noh): Easter, Passover
  77. Patrizio (pah-TREET-syoh): Noble, Patrician
  78. Pierluigi (pyehr-LOO-gee): Rock, Stone
  79. Primo (PREE-moh): First
  80. Prospero (prohs-PEH-roh): Prosperous, Fortunate
  81. Quirino (kee-REE-noh): Spear
  82. Remo (REH-moh): Oar, Rower
  83. Renzo (REHN-tsoh): Renowned warrior
  84. Rinaldo (ree-NAHL-doh): Wise power
  85. Rodolfo (roh-DOL-foh): Famous wolf
  86. Romano (roh-MAH-noh): Of Rome
  87. Ruggero (roo-JEH-roh): Famous spear
  88. Sabino (sah-BEE-noh): Of the Sabine tribe
  89. Salvino (sahl-VEE-noh): Savior
  90. Sante (SAHN-teh): Holy
  91. Santino (sahn-TEE-noh): Little saint
  92. Santo (SAHN-toh): Saint
  93. Saverio (sah-VEH-ryo): Savior
  94. Severino (seh-veh-REE-noh): Stern, Severe
  95. Silvano (seel-VAH-noh): Of the woods
  96. Silverio (seel-VEH-ryo): Silver
  97. Siro (SEE-roh): Sirius, The dog star
  98. Taddeo (TAHD-deh-oh): Gift of God
  99. Tazio (TAHTS-yoh): To be silent
  100. Teodoro (teh-oh-DOH-roh): Gift of God
  101. Teofilo (teh-oh-FEE-loh): Friend of God
  102. Terenzio (teh-REHN-tsyoh): Smooth, polished
  103. Tullio (TOOL-lyoh): Of the city of Tullus
  104. Ubaldo (oo-BAHL-doh): Bold, brave
  105. Ugo (OO-goh): Mind, Intellect
  106. Ulisse (oo-LEES-seh): Wrathful
  107. Umberto (oom-BEHR-toh): Bright, Shining
  108. Urbano (oor-BAH-noh): From the city
  109. Vinicio (vee-NEE-choh): Vineyard
  110. Zefiro (zeh-FEE-roh): West wind

Unique Italian Names for Girls

Discover unique Italian names for girls, each with its pronunciation and unique significance inspired by Italian heritage:

  1. Ada (AY-duh): Noble, Serene
  2. Agnese (ahg-NEH-zeh): Pure, Chaste
  3. Aida (AHY-dah): Reward, Present
  4. Alda (AHL-dah): Old, Wise
  5. Aletta (ah-LEHT-tah): Winged, Noble
  6. Altea (ahl-TEH-ah): Healing, Curing
  7. Ariadne (air-ee-AD-nee): Most holy
  8. Armida (ahr-MEE-dah): Little armed one
  9. Assunta (ahs-SOON-tah): Assumption, taken up
  10. Berenice (buh-REN-ih-see): Bringer of victory
  11. Biancamaria (byahn-kah-mah-REE-ah): White, Pure
  12. Brunella (broo-NEHL-lah): Brown-haired
  13. Calandra (kah-LAHN-drah): Lark
  14. Calista (kah-LEES-tah): Most beautiful
  15. Cinzia (CHEEN-tsyah): Moon, goddess of the hunt
  16. Clarissa (klah-REE-sah): Bright, Clear
  17. Concetta (kohn-CHEHT-tah): Conception, Beginning
  18. Cosima (koh-SEE-mah): Order, Beauty
  19. Damiana (dah-MYAH-nah): To tame, Subdue
  20. Daria (DAH-ree-ah): Wealthy, Wealthy one
  21. Delfina (del-FEE-nah): Dolphin
  22. Edvige (ed-VEE-jeh): Battle, War
  23. Eloisa (eh-loh-EE-sah): Famous warrior
  24. Elvira (el-VEER-ah): True, White
  25. Erminia (ehr-MEE-nyah): Universal, Whole
  26. Ersilia (ehr-SEE-lyah): To weave
  27. Esterina (eh-steh-REE-nah): Star
  28. Eufemia (eh-oo-FEH-myah): Well-spoken
  29. Eulalia (yoo-LAH-lee-ah): Sweet-speaking
  30. Evelina (eh-veh-LEE-nah): Life, Living
  31. Fausta (FAW-stah): Fortunate, Lucky
  32. Fiammetta (fyahm-MET-tah): Little flame
  33. Fiorella (fyoh-REHL-lah): Little flower
  34. Fiorenza (fyoh-REHN-tsah): Flowering, Blossoming
  35. Flaminia (flah-MEEN-yah): Fire
  36. Flaviana (flah-VYAH-nah): Yellow, blond
  37. Florentina (flaw-rehn-TEE-nah): Flowering, Blossoming
  38. Fortunata (for-too-NAH-tah): Fortunate, Lucky
  39. Gelsomina (jel-soh-MEE-nah): Jasmine
  40. Gilda (JEEL-dah): Sacrifice, Value
  41. Gioia (JOY-ah): Joy
  42. Giovannella (joh-vahn-NEHL-lah): God is gracious
  43. Giuliana (joo-lee-AH-nah): Youthful, Downy-bearded
  44. Giulietta (joo-lee-ET-tah): Youthful, Downy-bearded
  45. Grazia (GRAHTS-yah): Grace, Favor
  46. Ileana (ee-leh-AH-nah): Torch, Bright
  47. Imelda (ee-MEHL-dah): Universal battle
  48. Iolanda (yoh-LAHN-dah): Violet flower
  49. Iris (EYE-ris): Rainbow
  50. Jacinta (hah-SEEN-tah): Hyacinth
  51. Lavinia (lah-VEE-nee-ah): Woman of Rome
  52. Leandra (lee-AHN-drah): Lioness
  53. Leda (LEH-dah): Woman
  54. Letizia (leh-TEE-tsyah): Joy, Happiness
  55. Loredana (law-reh-DAH-nah): To praise, Laurel
  56. Loriana (loh-ree-AH-nah): Laurel
  57. Mafalda (mah-FAHL-dah): Mighty in battle
  58. Marcella (mahr-CHEHL-lah): Warlike
  59. Mariabella (mahr-yah-BEH-lah): Bitter, Sea of bitterness
  60. Marisa (mah-REE-sah): Of the sea
  61. Marzia (MAHR-tsyah): Bitter, Sea of bitterness
  62. Melisandra (meh-lee-SAHN-drah): Honey bee
  63. Mirabella (meer-ah-BEH-lah): Wondrous, Beautiful
  64. Nella (NEH-lah): Light
  65. Nerina (neh-REE-nah): Sea nymph
  66. Nives (NEE-vehz): Snows
  67. Oriana (ohr-ee-AH-nah): Golden, Sunrise
  68. Ottavia (oh-TAH-vyah): Eighth
  69. Pia (PYAH): Pious, Devout
  70. Priscilla (prih-SIL-ah): Ancient, Classical
  71. Quintina (kwin-TEE-nah): Fifth
  72. Rosalia (roh-ZAH-lee-ah): Rose
  73. Santina (sahn-TEE-nah): Little saint
  74. Serenella (seh-reh-NEHL-lah): Serene, Calm
  75. Sveva (SVEH-vah): White wave
  76. Teodora (teh-oh-DOH-rah): Gift of God
  77. Tullia (TOOL-lyah): Support, Strong
  78. Umberta (oom-BEHR-tah): Bright, Shining
  79. Velia (VEH-lyah): Hidden
  80. Zita (ZEE-tah): Seeker

Gender Neutral Unique Italian Names

Find gender-neutral unique Italian names, each with its pronunciation and uncommon charm that transcends traditional gender norms:

  1. Adelio (ah-DEH-lyoh): Noble, Kind
  2. Aldo (AHL-doh): Old, Wise
  3. Alino (ah-LEE-noh): Noble, Bright
  4. Almo (AHL-moh): Nourishing, Kind
  5. Ambrogio (ahm-BROH-joh): Immortal, Divine
  6. Azzo (AHTS-zoh): Noble, Respected
  7. Benigno (beh-NEEN-yoh): Kind, Gentle
  8. Benvenuto (behn-veh-NOO-toh): Welcome, Appreciated
  9. Brio (BREE-oh): Vigor, Energy
  10. Casey (KAY-see): Vigilant, Watchful
  11. Celio (CHEH-lyoh): Heaven, Sky
  12. Chris (KRIS): Christ-bearer
  13. Cielo (chyeh-LOH): Heaven, Sky
  14. Dakota (dah-KOH-tah): Friend, Ally
  15. Decio (DEH-choh): Tenth, Born in December
  16. Delfino (del-FEE-noh): Dolphin
  17. Dino (DEE-noh): Strong, Mighty
  18. Dominique (doh-mee-NEEK): Belonging to the Lord
  19. Dylan (DIL-an): Son of the sea
  20. Edilio (eh-DEE-lyoh): Wealthy, Prosperous
  21. Egidio (eh-JEE-dyoh): Shield, Protector
  22. Elvio (EHL-vee-oh): Blond, Fair-haired
  23. Eriberto (eh-ree-BEHR-toh): Bright, Illustrious
  24. Fedele (feh-DEH-leh): Faithful, Loyal
  25. Fiorentino (fyoh-ren-TEE-noh): Flourishing, Prosperous
  26. Gaudenzio (gaw-DEN-tsyoh): Joyful, Cheerful
  27. Giosuè (joh-SWEH): God is salvation
  28. Kai (KY): Ocean, Sea
  29. Mirko (MEER-koh): Peaceful, Calm
  30. Morgan (MOR-gan): Sea-born
  31. Nestore (nehs-TOH-reh): Returning home, Homecoming
  32. Nuvola (noo-VOH-lah): Cloud
  33. Orsino (or-SEE-noh): Bear-like, Brave
  34. Pace (PAH-che): Peace
  35. Pelagio (peh-LAH-jyoh): Of the sea
  36. Pericle (peh-REE-kle): Surrounded by glory
  37. Vasco (VAHS-koh): Crow, Raven
  38. Venustiano (veh-noos-TYAH-no): Charming, Attractive
  39. Vespero (VEHS-peh-roh): Evening star
  40. Vilfredo (veel-FREH-doh): Peaceful, Tranquil
  41. Virgilio (veer-JEE-lyoh): Flourishing, Blooming

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