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200+ Italian Boy Names with Meanings

200+ Italian Boy Names with Meanings

Are you searching for a meaningful Italian boy names for your son? Your search ends here! We’ve put together a collection ranging from unique and rare to common, popular, classic, royal, short, cute, cool, strong, and good names.

Scroll down to find the perfect name for your beloved baby boy!

Unique, Rare and Unpopular Italian Boy Names

Explore unique, rare, and unpopular Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Agostino (ah-goh-STEE-noh): Revered, venerable
  2. Alcide (AHL-chee-deh): Might, strength
  3. Alvise (ahl-VEE-zeh): Wise, knowing
  4. Anselmo (ahn-SEHL-moh): Divine protection
  5. Armando (ahr-MAHN-doh): Army man
  6. Arsenio (ahr-SEH-nyoh): Virile, potent
  7. Aureliano (aw-reh-LYAH-noh): Golden, shining
  8. Baldassare (bahl-dahs-SAH-reh): Baal protects
  9. Bartolomeo (bahr-toh-loh-MEH-oh): Son of the furrow (farmer)
  10. Cesario (cheh-ZAH-ryo): Hairy, thick-haired
  11. Demetrio (deh-MEH-tree-oh): Devoted to Demeter (Greek goddess of agriculture)
  12. Desiderio (deh-zee-DEH-ryo): Desired, longed for
  13. Edmondo (ed-MOHN-doh): Wealthy protector
  14. Egidio (eh-JEE-dee-oh): Shield, protection
  15. Eligio (eh-LEE-jyoh): Chosen one
  16. Ermanno (ehr-MAHN-noh): Soldier
  17. Erminio (ehr-MEE-nyoh): Whole, universal
  18. Faustino (fow-STEE-noh): Fortunate, lucky
  19. Fedele (feh-DEH-leh): Faithful, loyal
  20. Feliciano (feh-lee-CHAH-noh): Lucky, fortunate
  21. Fiorenzo (fyoh-REN-dzoh): Blossoming, flourishing
  22. Fulvio (FOOL-vyoh): Tawny-haired
  23. Gennaro (jen-NAH-roh): January-born
  24. Gerardo (je-RAHR-doh): Spear brave
  25. Geronimo (je-ROH-nee-moh): Holy name
  26. Gianfranco (je-ahn-FRAHN-koh): Free man
  27. Giordano (jyor-DAH-noh): Flowing down
  28. Gregorio (greh-GOH-ryo): Watchful, alert
  29. Ippolito (ee-POH-lee-toh): Freer of horses
  30. Isidoro (ee-zee-DOH-roh): Gift of Isis (Egyptian goddess)
  31. Italo (EE-tah-loh): From Italy
  32. Lazzaro (lahts-TSAH-roh): God has helped
  33. Leonzio (leh-ON-dzyoh): Lion-like
  34. Liberato (lee-beh-RAH-toh): Liberated, free
  35. Ludovico (loo-doh-VEE-koh): Famous warrior
  36. Marzio (MAR-tsyoh): Of Mars, warlike
  37. Nazzareno (nahts-tsa-REH-noh): From Nazareth
  38. Nello (NEHL-loh): Short for Antonello or Manello
  39. Nerio (NEH-ryo): Sea sprite
  40. Orazio (oh-RAH-tsyoh): Timekeeper
  41. Orfeo (or-FEH-oh): Darkness, night
  42. Pacifico (pah-CHYEE-fee-koh): Peaceful
  43. Quirino (kwee-REE-noh): Spear, lance
  44. Raniero (rah-NYEH-roh): Advice army
  45. Romolo (roh-MOH-loh): Roman
  46. Ruggero (roo-JEH-roh): Famous spear
  47. Saverio (sah-VEH-ryo): New house
  48. Silvano (seel-VAH-noh): Of the woods
  49. Teofilo (teh-oh-FEE-loh): Loved by God
  50. Uberto (oo-BEHR-toh): Bright, shining

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Discover common and popular Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Adriano (ah-DREE-ah-noh): From Hadria, a town in northern Italy
  2. Alberto (al-BEHR-toh): Noble and bright
  3. Albino (ahl-BEE-noh): White, bright
  4. Andrea (ahn-DREH-ah): Manly, strong
  5. Angelo (AHN-jeh-loh): Angelic, heavenly
  6. Antonio (ahn-TOH-nyoh): Priceless, praiseworthy
  7. Benedetto (behn-eh-DEHT-toh): Blessed
  8. Carlo (KAHR-loh): Strong, manly
  9. Celio (CHEH-lyoh): Sky, heaven
  10. Davide (dah-VEE-deh): Beloved, friend
  11. Diego (dyeh-GOH): Supplanter
  12. Edoardo (eh-doh-AHR-doh): Wealthy guardian
  13. Emanuele (eh-mah-NWEH-leh): God is with us
  14. Enrico (ehn-REE-koh): Ruler of the home
  15. Fabio (FAH-byoh): Bean grower, farmer
  16. Federico (feh-deh-REE-koh): Peaceful ruler
  17. Filippo (fee-LEEP-poh): Lover of horses
  18. Francesco (frahn-CHEHS-koh): Free man
  19. Gabriele (gah-bree-EH-leh): God is my strength
  20. Giacomo (jah-KOH-moh): Supplanter
  21. Giovanni (joh-VAH-nee): God is gracious
  22. Giuseppe (joo-SEP-peh): God will increase
  23. Leandro (leh-AHN-droh): Lion man
  24. Leonardo (leh-oh-NAHR-doh): Brave lion
  25. Lorenzo (loh-REHN-zoh): Laurel-crowned
  26. Luca (LOO-kah): Light, illumination
  27. Marco (MAHR-koh): Warlike, martial
  28. Massimo (MAHS-see-moh): Greatest, largest
  29. Matteo (maht-TEH-oh): Gift of God
  30. Mauro (MAH-oo-roh): Dark-skinned, Moorish
  31. Michele (mee-KEH-leh): Who is like God?
  32. Nicola (nee-KOH-lah): Victory of the people
  33. Paolo (pah-OH-loh): Small, humble
  34. Remo (REH-moh): Oarsman
  35. Riccardo (ree-KAHR-doh): Brave ruler
  36. Roberto (roh-BEHR-toh): Bright fame
  37. Salvatore (sal-vah-TOH-reh): Savior, rescuer
  38. Simone (see-MOH-neh): He has heard
  39. Stefano (steh-FAH-noh): Crown, garland
  40. Tommaso (tohm-MAH-zoh): Twin
  41. Vincenzo (veen-CHEHN-zoh): Conquering, victorious

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Classic Italian Boy Names

Dive into classic Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Alessandro (ah-lehs-SAHN-droh): Defender of men
  2. Alessio (ah-LEH-see-oh): Defender of mankind
  3. Enzo (EN-zoh): Rules an estate
  4. Ettore (ET-toh-reh): Steadfast, resolute
  5. Giorgio (JOR-joh): Farmer
  6. Luciano (loo-CHEE-ah-no): Light, illumination
  7. Luigi (LOO-ee-jee): Famous warrior
  8. Marcello (mar-CHEL-loh): Young warrior
  9. Raffaele (raf-fah-EH-leh): God has healed
  10. Rocco (ROK-koh): Rest
  11. Sergio (SER-jee-oh): Servant or attendant

Royal Italian Boy Names

Explore royal Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Alfonso (ahl-FOHN-soh): Noble and ready
  2. Amadeo (ah-mah-DEH-oh): Lover of God
  3. Amedeo (ah-MEH-deh-oh): Devoted to God
  4. Arturo (ahr-TOO-roh): Noble, courageous
  5. Cesare (CHEH-zah-reh): Long-haired, ruler
  6. Ferdinando (fehr-dee-NAHN-doh): Adventurous, daring
  7. Gian (JEE-ahn): Short for Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious”
  8. Leopoldo (leh-oh-POHL-doh): Bold people
  9. Napoleone (nah-poh-leh-OH-neh): Lion of Naples
  10. Ottavio (oht-TAH-vee-oh): Eighth, born in the eighth month
  11. Ottone (oht-TOH-neh): Wealthy, prosperous
  12. Raimondo (ra-EE-mon-doh): Wise protector
  13. Rinaldo (ree-NAHL-doh): Wise power
  14. Sebastiano (seh-bah-STYAH-noh): Revered, venerable
  15. Sigismondo (see-jeez-MOHN-doh): Victorious protector
  16. Tancredi (tahn-KREH-dee): Clever advisor
  17. Teodoro (teh-oh-DOH-roh): Gift of God

Short and Cute Italian Boy Names

Find short and cute Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Bepi (BEH-pee): Short for Giuseppe, meaning “God will add”
  2. Cato (KAH-toh): Wise, shrewd
  3. Ciro (CHEE-roh): Sun
  4. Finn (FIN): Fair, white
  5. Fio (FEE-oh): Short for Fiore, meaning “flower”
  6. Gigi (JEE-jee): Nickname for Luigi, meaning “renowned warrior”
  7. Gio (JEE-oh): Short for Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious”
  8. Iago (yah-GOH): Spanish variant of James, meaning “supplanter”
  9. Ivo (EE-voh): Yew wood, archer
  10. Leo (LEE-oh): Lion
  11. Lino (LEE-noh): Flaxen-haired, linen worker
  12. Mario (MAH-ree-oh): Masculine, warrior-like
  13. Massi (MAH-see): Short for Massimiliano, meaning “greatest”
  14. Milo (MEE-loh): Soldier, merciful
  15. Nino (NEE-noh): God is gracious
  16. Pio (PEE-oh): Pious, devout
  17. Rafi (RAH-fee): Exalted, noble
  18. Raul (RAOOL): Wise wolf
  19. Ravi (RAH-vee): Sun
  20. Rico (REE-koh): Strong ruler
  21. Santo (SAN-toh): Saintly, holy
  22. Sven (SVEN): Young man, youth
  23. Teo (TEH-oh): Short for Theodore, gift of God
  24. Tino (TEE-noh): Little giant, small
  25. Vico (VEE-koh): Village, dwelling
  26. Vito (VEE-toh): Life, lively
  27. Zane (ZAYN): God is gracious
  28. Zeno (ZEE-noh): Gift of Zeus
  29. Zio (ZEE-oh): Uncle, kinship

Cool Italian Boy Names

Discover cool Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and meaning:

  1. Bellino (beh-LEE-noh): Handsome, beautiful
  2. Bruno (BROO-noh): Brown-haired, brown-eyed
  3. Elia (EH-lee-ah): The Lord is my God
  4. Elio (EH-lyoh): Sunlight, shining light
  5. Gavino (gah-VEE-noh): White hawk
  6. Gianluca (jahn-LOO-kah): God is gracious
  7. Gianni (JAH-nee): God is gracious
  8. Kai (KY): Ocean, sea
  9. Max (MAKS): Greatest
  10. Nico (NEE-koh): Short for Nicholas, victory of the people
  11. Pietro (pyeh-troh): Rock, stone
  12. Romeo (ROH-may-oh): Pilgrim to Rome, romantic hero
  13. Sandro (SAHN-droh): Defender of mankind
  14. Santino (sahn-TEE-noh): Little saint, holy
  15. Silvio (SEEL-vee-oh): Forest, woods
  16. Taddeo (tah-DAY-oh): Praise, gift of God
  17. Valerio (vah-LEH-ryo): Strong, healthy

Strong Italian Boy Names

Explore strong Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and powerful meaning:

  1. Alarico (ah-lah-REE-koh): Ruler of all
  2. Aldo (AHL-doh): Old and wise
  3. Battista (bah-TEES-tah): Baptizer, referring to John the Baptist
  4. Corrado (kohr-RAH-doh): Bold advisor
  5. Cosimo (koh-ZEE-moh): Order, harmony
  6. Dino (DEE-noh): Little sword, strong, powerful
  7. Donato (doh-NAH-toh): Gift, given by God
  8. Ezio (EH-tsyoh): Eagle, symbol of strength and freedom
  9. Fabrizio (fah-BREET-syoh): Craftsman, skillful
  10. Ferruccio (feh-ROO-choh): Little iron, strong and enduring
  11. Giancarlo (jahn-KAR-loh): God is gracious
  12. Gino (JEE-noh): Short for Luigi, meaning renowned warrior
  13. Guido (GWEED-oh): Guide, leader
  14. Ignazio (een-NAT-syoh): Fiery, passionate
  15. Leone (leh-OH-neh): Lion, symbolizing strength
  16. Nereo (NEH-reh-oh): From the sea, water
  17. Orlando (ohr-LAHN-doh): Famous throughout the land
  18. Renzo (REHN-zoh): Laurel wreath, symbolizing victory
  19. Rodolfo (roh-DOL-foh): Famous wolf
  20. Tullio (TOOL-lyoh): Very strong, powerful
  21. Umberto (oom-BEHR-toh): Bright warrior
  22. Valentino (vah-lehn-TEE-noh): Strong, healthy
  23. Vittorio (veet-TOR-ee-oh): Victor, conqueror

Good Italian Boy Names

Find good Italian boy names, each with its pronunciation and positive meaning:

  1. Adelmo (ah-DEL-moh): Noble protector
  2. Alberico (ahl-BEH-ree-koh): Noble ruler
  3. Aldoardo (ahl-DOH-ahr-doh): Noble and strong
  4. Arcadio (ahr-KAH-dyoh): Ancient and noble
  5. Attilio (ah-TEEL-yoh): Of noble rank
  6. Bonaventura (boh-nah-ven-TOO-rah): Good fortune, lucky
  7. Celso (CHEHL-soh): High, noble
  8. Cristiano (kree-STYAH-no): Follower of Christ
  9. Dante (DAHN-teh): Enduring
  10. Dario (DAH-ree-oh): Upholder of the good
  11. Emilio (eh-MEE-lyoh): Industrious, striving
  12. Gabriel (GAY-bree-ehl): God is my strength
  13. Niccolò (nee-KOH-loh): Victory of the people
  14. Renato (reh-NAH-toh): Reborn, renewed
  15. Ugo (OO-goh): Mind, spirit


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